What is Green Gifting?

Green gifting is the beautiful delicacy of specially designed pottery and plants perfect for indoor as well as outdoor decor. Our green gifting deals contain various deals such as #FCSeventeen collection, special packaging deals, Wedding Invitation Planters and lot more wonders to surprise your loved ones!

Why Green Gifting?

Green gifting is basically an idea to gift something worth a memory and  make fill your life with wonder of nature, to get over temporary gifts and give  and  make some long term memories, Making strides toward environmental friendliness and winding up plainly earth cordial is currently more than a pattern and has moved toward becoming piece of our way of life, influencing an individual, neighborhood, and corporate activities.

On what festival we should gift?

Belfiore stores is your very own shop of wonders, something for every everyone, something for every occasion, from small occasion to a big fat party, from Dussehra to Diwali, we have specific deals for every occasion.

Our deal of customized planters also helps you craft your gift your way!

What is Belfiore Bliss collection & for whom

Whom- “Just for people who believe in gifting emotions rather than gift”

Belfiore Bliss collection is specifically to cater the distinguished taste of people who prefer to choose & gift classy. People who believe in gifting something more personalized with a touch of creativity.

What is Belfiore Bliss collection all about?

“Belfiore Bliss is the feeling of ecstacy “

Leitmotif of Belfiore Bliss collection is to enhance the green quotient with a sumptuous complimenting planter.

To bring revolution in the way people objectify gifts. Belfiore bliss collection is a package deal of decor plus green gift, which will stay forever. Plus point is that it’s a wonderful piece of decor too, suiting your interiors as well as exteriors.

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