Corporate Gift Plants and Planters 

Corporate gift planters are meant to increase the bonding amongst the employees, office plant gifts give them warm feeling, encouraging them and motivating them to work better.  It helps you grow your corporate connection with your associates, partners and customers.

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Belfiore stores specialize in corporate gifting section adding just the right elements to products to make it look sophisticated yet classy.A healthy and positive work environment is the ultimate mood enhancer. Buy office plant gifts as a thought  of endearment or token of appreciation to employees, the fact that their efforts and work is recognized makes them feel important and all more worthwhile.

Corporate gift plants and planters makes a good way as a promotional gift item too, we have special range of corporate gift planter with logo. A corporate planter embedded with your logo and signature as gift makes a perfect choice. We have answer for all you need to know about corporate plant gifts, our hard work is not just limited to deliver a valuable merchandise but we also pay attention to details and our experts stays at your service even after the sale. We are always available to provide ease in maintenance with our valuable tips, we are always all ears to your queries. Our concerns always stay with plants as a true plants doctor. We are also governed by safety, social and environmental standards.

Here we are enlisting few FAQ’s to make the deal easy for you –


Do you have Minimums?

It depends on the item!  If you’re interested in a recognition gift that doesn’t require a logo then there are no minimum quantities required and you can buy just one.  However we always have amazing deals and offers on bulk deals, so it will always be beneficial for you to go for a bulk deal. As our foremost policy is to keep our customer happy, we will always suggest you a deal with best discounts and deals.

Do I have to put a logo on everything?

No you don’t!  If you’re giving away promotional marketing tools such as leave behinds for potential clients then we would recommend putting your logo and/or contact information.  However if you’re sourcing a gift for a retiring colleague or want to congratulate someone for an achieved milestone then we have a wide variety of brand name gifts available that would ship without a custom logo.

What if I only have a set amount of budget, can you work with me?

Absolutely, one of our first questions to you will ask about your budget.  we have established some amazing relationships with key suppliers enabling us to give you best deals in your budget and also credit of high quality within your time and budget goes to our team of experts; always ready to burn the midnight oil to achieve targets within the deadline, recently we have made a record of making 300 planters in one day for our precious client Hariwill Creations plus we always have offers on bulk deals, to provide you with more beneficial deals!

What are your hours?

We are known to reply to e-mails and send quotes in minimum time. We value your time and interest and aim to reply to your request as immediately as possible.

How do you put my logo on things?

We have a wide variety of decorating techniques including: screen printing, embroidery, sublimation, cresting, engraving, pad printing, digital, foil stamping and offset process.

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